Ireland, Refugees and the so called ISIS

Unless you have been under a rock for the last few weeks you will know that Europe is facing a refugee crisis. As well as a migrant crisis. A Humanitarian, a social, a moral and an ethical crisis. This crisis needs more that just an Army Barracks and a few vouchers thrown at it. It requires short, middle and long term action which will work on a number of levels. Firstly somebody needs to have a conversation with the Assad Government in Syria, the leaders of the Middle East and they need to tell them that they have to accept some responisibilty for what the region is facing in terms of the need to rebuild Syria, Libya and who governs them. They also need to be told that Religion needs to be taken out of the equation. Why do I say this? Because ISIS or whatever you want to call them need to be taken for what they are – a bunch of thugs who are using a religion to justify their own thuggish, distorted, evil, small minded view of the world. They need to be stopped by ending their sources of finance, intelligence and if necessary boots on the ground, planes in the sky and ships in the water. In the meantime diplomats need to be told to find a way to gather the so called Muslim World and tell them if they stop ISIS there will be rewards for doing so, rewards for the good of their people. Meanwhile Europe, America, Austrilia and all the rest need to decide in unity what they can in reality give these refugees. Remember they need Health Care, Schools, Housing, Employment, among other things. Therefore already overstretched communities are not the places to put venerable people. The very nature of people leads them to be envious, suspicious and weary of those who they feel are taking or getting something that they may be entitled too. An under pressure Housing, Medical, School and Social Services system is not the place to put thousands of refugees. They and we need to know they are in the best possible places. They and we need to know that they may have a chance to go home one day to their own countries. They and we need to know they can practice their Religion but that it is not a replacement for the laws of any Country. Nobody should have to live with war, no child should have to deal with war and starvation. These people need help but they need the right kind of help.


pay day loan europe

Greece is the home of modern democracy, the birthplace of what we should all hold very dear but often don’t. Yesterday they made good their right to democracy and like it or not they said no to Europe. So has the European project failed? I think it failed along time ago. It failed because in their desire to give us all the same horrible currency they totally forgot the Political Project that the likes of Jacques Delors and others wished to see. The Political Project has been taken over by the Monetary Project and without any safeguards or any real plan B Europe is being ran like a very bad household by people who lurch from one crisis to another in the run up to pay day. Europe is now in negative equity and to blame Greek pensioners for all their woes won’t work.

When Leeman Brothers and others starting falling like birds on a Boxing Day shoot that was the time for Europe to look up and make sure it had a plan B and a plan C. The falling of tricky Irish, Italian and Spanish banks should have made them look at how they run not just the banks but the regulators and the rating agencies who told us all was a ok. On that Saturday morning when Hank Paulson went into Leemans Board and said he was letting them die Europe’s leaders should have been listening harder. But like a really bad money manager Europe went for the Pay Day Loan option and the Greeks are now paying the full 365% interest. Time now for Europe to say bye bye to the monetary union and work on the political one, before it tares its self apart again.