Licence for Social Media Use?

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 I have just read a book which have left me thinking very hard about the use of Social Media and its place in Crime and Crimes. The books involves the death of Sixteen year old Skylar Neese who was killed in Brave, Pennsylvania by two of her teenage best friends, Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy. The whole case before and after was centred around Social Media mainly Twitter and Facebook. Both the killers and Skylar spent an enormous amount of time both Tweeting, Posting and Texting. Nothing new about that. However in this case the use of Twitter and Facebook lead to rumours, innuendo, lies and rampant keyboard warriors lead to more pain being heaped upon the family of the victim. While some of the Social Media was helpful, most of the users just dished out more pain to Skylar’s family and friends. It makes me wonder if we need to start handing out Social Media Licences, Social ASBOs and Social Media Bans.