Its a question of class.


All this talk of “Fire and Fury” got me thinking really hard about what is really the most annoying thing about this White House and this POTUS. While on my morning commute to work stuck in the corner of a packed carriage I remembered the words my Mam used to describe Donald Trump when I asked her what she though of him back in 2015. Her answer was simple “he has no class and he has no brains, he is no Jack Kennedy”. Indeed my Mother should know for she came stamped with class and was a pretty clever doll. She was always an expert on the Kennedy’s and while she was not blind to the boys being shall we say fond of the ladies, she knew one thing they were smart, and they had class. Jack Kennedy’s much maligned Defence Sectary  Robert S McNamara once said           “Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated” I suspect the combination of no class, no brains and no real heart are why we don’t, could never and will never appreciate this White House. My Mam on the other hand well she had it all.

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