Social Media and Sport, no place for hate in either one.

The third Sunday in September is a unique day in Irish Sport, in Irish life, in the life of the Irish home and away. The third Sunday in September spans the generations, it spans the 32 counties and the imagination. It is a day when in the words of the Great Marty Morrissey “We are Irish. We are family” mean something. Its about our heritage, our past and our future.

Yesterday saw a stunningly different All Ireland final it saw the underdog give away two goals to the hot favourites and still manage to draw the game. We saw the the hot favourites being not so hot, in fact they were quite off the boil and the underdog put up a brilliant defensive display.
The fans of said hot favourites were shocked, the fans of said underdogs went away shaking their heads and wondering what they had to do to get their hands on Sam.
Sam himself is an orphan till we do it all again on 1st October. Its all good or so it should be. However if you turn what every device you use to do your Social Media you may find the banter which we should be having about yesterday turns out to be quite nasty in some places. Do we need people calling opposing fans names and generally behaving in a way you would not if you were not behind your keyboard in your attic? There is no place for hate in sport nor is they’re a place for it in the sport of Social Media.

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