The Containing Shame of The Irish Catholic Church.

So today in Dublin Ireland another sorry saga in the ongoing, shameful, vile, horrific, embarrassing and utterly unacceptable story of Child Sexual abuse in the Irish Catholic Church continues. Tony Walsh a former priest will be in prison till 2023 after being sentenced today for another set of heinous abuses of a young child. The people of Ireland would like to Thank the Prison Service of Ireland for keeping him where he can not have access to children. We would also like to ask why this “man” was ever allowed to abuse children time and time again. Multiple Parents have complained about him. And time after time he was moved to places where he had access to more children. Nobody in this saga can say anything which will in any way make them look even half human, half understand the devastation they allowed to develop. Tony Walsh should have never been allowed to become a Priest. he should have been asked questions which may have given  them a hint of his “vice”. He and many others found it all too easy to abuse children and to the continuing shame of both Church and State. He was enabled to do so by so many of his superiors, so called men of God who turned a blind eye. The Murphy Report should never be forgotten and the Catholic Church while it still tries to hold a place in Irish Society still has questions to answer. To the victims of this man I have words because I do not feel any words would ever be equal to the evil done to you.


Boris & The Great Offices Of State.

The Four Great Offices of State (UK wise) have had many colourful characters take up the reins. Prime Minister, Chancellor, foreign Sec and Home Sec have been filled with colourful jews to chain-smoking orators of brilliance. Now New PM Mrs May or as The Daily Mail likes to call her “a Vicar’s daughter” has appointed another colourful character to the Foreign Office. Bo Bo Johnson goes into bat in this new pre Article 50 dawn and all eyes are on him. Perhaps that is why she put him there to keep the cold glare of the Brexit world off her. Boris who has already managed to piss off half of Europe, The State Dept in Washington and anyone who spends more than half an hour in the same room as him. Boris who has a lets just say colourful private life, a fondness for buying water cannons and is really just the posh people’s version of a Middle-aged Essex boy. Boris who we are told is hugely intelligent or a bumbling fool depending on who you listen to. Boris who lead Britain out of Europe but was like a rabbit in the headlights after the verdict was delivered. No plan, no clue where to go next. Boris who managed to come back from the dead politically at the same time seeing off his former friend and foe one Michael Gove. Boris who by Christmas will have surely given his special advisors heart attacks and his PM the feeling that she has appointed the 21st century version of Lord Palmerston. Mrs. May’s thinking on Boris is anyones to guess at. She may think if he screws this up, his career is well and truly buried. She may think that the Brexit jobs handed out to Liam Fox and David Davies somewhat diminish the role foreign Sec. She may also think he has it in him to do a good job. I doubt it but we shall see. It’s going to be very intresting when John Bercow Calls Foreign Office Questions and Boris takes to the dispatch box.

Reformer Overboard.



Michael Gove made that walk up and down Downing Street today but when the door of No. 10 shut behind him he was back on the Back Benches. Probably in a spot beside Jacob Rees-Mogg. Gove as Justice Sec had begun a program of prison reform which we will now have to wait and see if that continues under Liz Truss. With the return to the back benches of Gove goes the last sign of any reforming social zeal in Mrs May’s Government. But who cares about Prison Reform no votes in that. The Prisoners on the wings of UK prisons have little hope in many cases. That hope is even smaller tonight.