Dear Government of This Republic.

So we have new Government. I am not going to dwell on how long it took to get to this point or the personalities involved. I will however say this. If this Government wants to stay the course and really make a difference they will do this. Lead. Lead on issues, act on them and be seen to do both. This is a hugely unpopular Government so they are going to have to work twice as hard, twice as fast. And to coin a New Labour phase get the message out there. It became very clear during the Election Campaign that the Government was on a totally different page than the Irish people. They thought the Plain People of Ireland would be happy with the statement “Keep The Recovery Going”. They were sure that Middle Ireland would be happy with the improving economy and to hell with the social fabric of the country. The Plain people on the other hand wanted to talk about the fact that we have Children living in hotels were gangsters hold shoot outs. Young men and women die everyday because our Mental Health Services are non-existent. The poor have never any chance of not being poor. The families, friends and loved ones of the disabled need to know that their children, teenagers and adults are supported according to their needs. To allow them to live as Independent a live as possible with dignity. That people who should not have access to the vulnerable don’t. That at the very least they are safe, not abused Mentally, physically or Sexually. That when the Stat steps into a Life it will not damage their life but improve and enhance it. The people want to know that the money put into healthcare is used not on endless reports, Commissions of Enquiry and Managers, but on Clinical Staff. They want the Government to take on public project that don’t take fourteen years to get to the planning stage. They want the public money to be spent wisely not just seen to be so. For Government Departments to cross manage projects and talk to one another. They want Egos to stay home, games to stop, real work to be done.

Take hold of the Social agenda that the people have forced you to acknowledge. To be patriots and put your country first, put its children first as first pledged on the Streets of Dublin One Hundred years ago. Make it a great little country to be a citizen of. 


Out Here In The Middle

Dan Quayle remember him? came from the great State of Indiana. The Great Sate of Indiana holds Federal Death Row at Terre Haute, Cruel, and Unusual Punishment comes into play there every day. Indiana holds a very high percentage of those Americans who don’t hold a Passport. The wallets and purses of Indiana are full of NRA cards. The Klu Klux Klan is still to this very day alive and well in Indiana. If you happen to be Gay or Lesbian in Indiana you have less human rights than others purely because of your Sexuality. If Indiana were a Hotel on Tripadvisor it would not get too many of those little stars rife with Racism Sexism and Homophobia would be mentioned. Last night Indiana put the last nail in the coffin of That Grand Old Party of Lincoln, Grant, and Regan. The party has had it’s hand for forced by The Donald.

You see the GOP does not really want the Scottish Dune Basher near The West Wing never mind The Oval Office, in fact, the GOP would prefer if Donald did not even show up to the convention. He makes them very nervous. Listen to what George Will had to say about Donald – If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House… The GOP leadership (whoever they really are) felt with a starting line up as large as The NY Giants Special Teams, and dearly beloved Senators such as Rubio, Graham, Santorum and all the rest would see off Trump. They thought he would be overrun by “Real Politicians”. They got it wrong and Indiana just nailed it home.

So today Indiana and America is looking down its gun at Clinton v Trump. Neither of them fills my heart with any joy. To follow the first Black President with a woman President and break that Glass Ceiling would, of course, be a breakthrough. To follow Obama with Trump would be like unraveling a ball of wool. Thankfully or rather hopefully by November along with honest hard working Mexicans, Women, Gay People, The poor, African Americans, Muslim Americans, George Will and anyone who knows anything about American Foreign Policy the majority of Americans will reject Trump. Just don’t bet your house on it Hillary is no Jamie Vardy. If it was up to me Paul Ryan would be on the Ballot in November. Buy Hey Ho I don’t think Indiana would go for that one either.