Walk a day in my shoes. Go on I challenge you.

I am feeling a little undervalued at the moment. In fact, I feel like crap at the moment. I am tired, very tired, I feel trapped, I feel like the world is against me and I feel like a prisoner. I spend my days in a mind-numbing routine which rarely changes from day to day. I shop, I spend a great deal of time in chemists, dishing out pills and making sure breakfast lunch and dinner are ready and are good. I empty commodes and clean. I also at times provide entertainment. I budget, i pay bills, I bring out bins, I fix boilers, I sort out appointments and people think caring for someone with Parkinsons, heart problems, and arthritis. I have 3 hours off a week. I don’t go anywhere any weekend. I have done this for years and while I love more than anything in the world the person I care for. I would like to say to everyone else that thinks they could do it better. I can promise you I will have no takers.